Since the opening of Buddy Dive Resort Technical Diving Department in October 2007 we have been delving deep into the world of tech, acheiving our current status as a provider of the highest quality tech diving & training possible.  At our Academy we offer Tech courses in sidemount, advanced nitrox, trimix and more… all the way up to instructor level.  Buddy Dive is a rebreather-friendly dive operation and we currently have Poseidon MKVI rebreathers for both instruction and rental.

Under the leadership of Dive Operations Manager Augusto Montbrun the project started first with the investment in Top of the line Tech Diving Equipment from “Palm Trading Bonaire” Local Dealer of Dive Rite Tech Gear. Right after that 5 of our Dive Instructors went straight into Tech Diving Training achieving various levels of certifications from different agencies giving us the wide and complete list of alternatives for the different requests of our Tech Diving guests. Today we are proud to say that in our staff we have Tech Divers from PADI- TEC DEEP & TRIMIX, GUE -TRIMIX and TDI, and provide Tech diving courses up to instructor level, including sidemount & trimix.

We also re -arranged the fill station area, adding a complete and new Partial pressure gas blending station were we are able to fill our Tech Diving tanks and prepare custom blends at the desire of our clientele. Our Technical Diving staff is qualified as gas and TRIMIX blenders from PADI & TDI, thus keeping the safety standards at the highest possible level.
The non-stop spirit of adventure and curiosity of the enthusiastic diving community world-wide keeps pushing the dive industry forward, and it is our pleasure to ensure that we at Buddy Dive provide the latest in Technical Diving in a safe and friendly environment.

For more specific information and all your questions about Tec Diving at Buddy Dive, please send an email to

“I can’t think of a better Location or Diving Facility to bring my Tech Diving Students”

Carlos Peña Herrera / Tech Diving Instructor.

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