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Kralendijk, Bonaire – (February, 2013) Buddy Dive Resort announces a NEW Boat Diving Packageperfect for divers who want to see the best sites of Bonaire from the comfort of  Buddy Dive Resort’s fleet of five dive boatsThe Boat Dive Package includes 12 boat dives with air or Nitrox & fruit served after every dive, hot buffet breakfast daily, accommodation, andairport transfers &taxes.  Additionally, divers who choose the Boat Diving Package can also enjoy UNLIMITED Air or Nitrox diving right off the pier at Buddy’s Reefvoted #1 Night Dive in the world according to Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards.

The Buddy Dive Boat Diving Package was designed for scuba divers who want to dive, dive, dive, and prefer to do it all from the comfort and ease of a boat with professional dive guides. It is also in response to the popular demand for diving on Klein Bonaire and popular northern dive sites such as the wall at “Rappel” – inaccessible from shore.  

Buddy’s ample dock space - with room for 3 boats at a time on the docks; combined with the resort’s location – just 7-10 minutes away from Klein Bonaire and 15-20 min. from the north, makes choosing the Boat Diving Package the most convenient way to enjoy Bonaire’s most pristine reefs.  You can simply walk down to the dock from breakfast and step right onto your awaiting boat.  Boat divers will also enjoy topside views of Klein as well as beautiful vistas of the main island’s landscapes from the comfort of the dive boat. 

Buddy Dive Resort’s fleet is the most complete on Bonaire – with five comfortable vessels for your enjoyment and convenience.  All of the dive boats have areas for dry storage, fresh cold drinking water, and separate fresh water rinse buckets for cameras and other equipment.

 1.       The Coral Buddy - The fleet’s newest custom dive boat – a 36’ custom Newton that was put into operation this season.

2.       The Dive Buddy – A custom made 42’ motor cat boat with room for 24 divers on a 3-tank dive, including dive platforms, bridge, dry storage, fresh water rinse, covered area, comfortable       fly-bridge seating and camera table. 

3.       The Harbour Lady – A Newton 36’ dive boat with plenty of room for divers, tanks and crew.

4.       The Red Tide – A 30’ Island Hopper perfect for small groups and getting close to the northern wall dive sites.

5.       The Bayena – a comfortable and well maneuvering Newton 30’ great for small groups on one or two tank excursions. 

If guests on the Boat Diving Package would like a rental vehicle during their stay an air-conditioned pick-up truck can be added on if desired. 

For more information and to make your reservation please contact a friendly member of the Buddy Dive Reservations team.  The Boat Diving Package starts at just $968.64 pp/per week (6pax in a 3-bdr.).  See Rack Rates here for all room types.

 ·         1.866.GO.BUDDY  toll free US/CA


·         +599.717.5080local Bonaire – Dutch Caribbean


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Your Buddies on Bonaire are gardening with a purpose, coral reef extinction is not an option!
Want to
get involved in
rebuilding our
natural coral
here on Bonaire?

After over a year of successful coral growth in Bonaire's nurseries under the care of Buddy Dive's team of volunteers working together with the Coral Restoration Foundation it's time to take our “gardening” to the next level. Now the only thing missing is YOU!

As divers and snorkelers we are among the few inhabitants of our blue planet who have the chance to really appreciate this diverse and unique habitat: a place that is home to over 1/3 of the oceans species – but occupying less than 1% of the marine environment.

For the past few decades the prognosis for our oceans coral reefs has been grim: One-third of reef-building coral are threatened, scientists say, making corals the Earth's most endangered species. We hear about an array of reasons why: global warming, ocean acidification, disease, agricultural run-off and the list goes on…


With all this bad news what can we possibly do to reverse the damage and ensure that we have coral reefs for future generations to enjoy?

Kem Nedimyer

Ken Nedimyer, of the Coral Restoration Foundation , has hope to share with us and practical solutions that we can implement. What started as his daughter’s school project to grow coral in its natural environment has turned into “the reef that ate Key Largo”- as it is known to the locals there – referring to the dense forests of coral that both divers and snorkelers alike can enjoy just offshore thanks to the growing number coral nurseries and volunteers like you.

On an island like Bonaire, with one of the oldest and most complete marine parks in the world you may ask why we need to grow and replant coral – what is missing from our reefs? If we look back to the natural marine environment of the island decades ago you will hear accounts of divers literally hacking their way through dense forests of Elkhorn and Staghorn coral – an important juvenile fish habitat - to get out to the reef drop-off. Thanks to a myriad of occurrences, including hurricanes Lenny, Omar and then Gustav, and other factors like disease, lack of genetic diversity for spawning, bleaching and the loss of sea urchins (the “vacuum cleaners” of the reef) we are left with all but small patches in scattered areas around the island.
Coral Restoration Foundation

The mission of the Coral Restoration Foundation is to develop solutions and train others – and after almost 10 years of trial and error the model that we are using here on Bonaire (“nursery trees”) has over a 99% success rate in the growing of healthy coral.

Coral tree The initiative on Bonaire all started back in 2009 with the meeting of two key players in the equation: Ken Nydimyer of the Coral Restoration Foundation in Florida and Augusto Montbrun – Buddy Dive Operations Manager. Augusto saw the amazing progress that had been made in the Florida Keys and wanted to bring this successful project to Bonaire.

Fast forward to several years working on getting the proper permits and support from important participants such as STINAPA and in April of 2012 we installed our first nurseries, using native Staghorn and Elkhorn coral of varying DNA strains to ensure the preservation of diversity and boost spawning rates. The newly pruned coral fragments have seen an almost 100% survival rate and what started as pieces of coral the size of an index finger grew and branched out to almost 3 times their size – in just 9 months! The rate of growth on Bonaire is among the fastest the foundation has seen in the world and they expect to see natural spawning within just two years among the newly grown coral. Additionally, the DNA strains that are the most heat and disease resistant are being identified and mixed with the less resistant strains in order to preserve diversity on the island.

For 2013 the existing nurseries will be tripled in size and we need your help!

Now comes the fun part – time to wriggle into your wetsuit, don your tank and get involved! The first step is to attend Tuesday's 6:30pm FREE orientation presentation at Buddy Dive's Poolbar by one of our Coral Restoration Bonaire team members. With three levels of PADI certifications for Coral Restoration volunteers you will learn the skills and techniques to get the job done and meet other like-minded divers along the way.

What if I don't want to get wet? No problem – there are plenty of other ways to help:

  • Start by “liking” us on Facebook.
  • Make a donation to the Bonaire project. 100% of your donation goes directly to project materials and upkeep costs in Bonaire.
  • Spread the word – tell others about the project and how they too can get involved.
Are you in?

March C. Storm, Marketing Coordinator    


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NEW!!! Coral Restoration progress:  Check us out, we are "Spreading the Love!"

May 25th – June 1st 2013 at Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire

Brazilian freediver Karol Meyer arrived on Bonaire to host the Buddy Dive Freediving Event 2013! During the
event she’s organizing:

- Presentations
- Adventure FREEDIVES
- Freediving Clinics (AIDA* Certification)
alt alt

For the fifth consecutive year, Buddy Dive Resort is proud to organize the Buddy Dive Freediving Event in
2013 hosted by Brazilian freediver, Karol Meyer. Karol broke 7 world records in her career and she is
considered one of the most complete athletes in the sport history. Karol will host evening presentations to
share her exciting adventures, Freediving Adventures, where you’ll share special moments with the champion
and also a Freediving Clinic, for those interested.

Guinness Book of Records 2011- Static Apnea - 18min. and 32 sec.
World Record - Tandem No Limits - 121m of depth
South American Record - Variable Weight - 93m of depth

Don’t miss it! Contact us now to become a freediver!

+599 717 5080 ext. 525 | |

Official partners:
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