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First PADI IDC at Buddy Dive a Huge Success!
Thursday, 15 July 2010 18:59

Pepe Mastropaolo, Buddy Dive Academy’s Course Director, is more than happy to announce that Buddy Dive Academy its first inaugural PADI Instructor Development Course is recently completed with all candidates finishing the IDC successfully. One of the ambitious IE candidates even participated in our pro-level package, going from PADI rescue diver all the way to PADI instructor.

Mike Hill, PADI’s Regional Manager Gulf Coast & Caribbean, especially visited Buddy Dive to attend this first IDC certification ceremony, and to hand over the certificates to the candidates at Buddy’s Poolbar on Friday evening during the famous Happy Hour and Manager’s Rum Punch Party.

Buddy Dive Academy is very happy to welcome the new group of candidates that will participate in our next PADI Instructor Development Course starting on November 25th 2010.

Who doesn’t want to become a pro at the best location in the world? Just one step from the classrooms and the candidates will be immersed in the famous warm waters of Bonaire, best known for its amazing visibility, calmness, beautiful healthy reef, and unbeatable aquatic life. Together with a facility run by a dive operation that has earned an industry-wide reputation for excellence makes a successful Instructor Examination possible. Workshops and instructional scenarios during the IDC will prepare the candidates for real life as a professional within the diving industry as a PADI instructor.

Become a PRO in Paradise!

For more information contact coursedirector(at) or visit
Washington Slagbaai 3-Tank Boat Dive
Thursday, 15 July 2010 18:39

This year Buddy Dive Resort has opened up new opportunities for diving in Bonaire with its 3 Tank Boat Dive Safari to Washington Slagbaai Park. This area of Bonaire has historically been challenging for guests to dive, be it difficult shore entries or just not enough time in the week to get there.  With the help of the powered catamaran, Dive Buddy (Buddy Dives’ newest member to the fleet) guests can glide along the scenic coastline of Bonaire’s northern region comfortably, quickly, and with no difficulties at all.

Since January this trip has had a colorful range of creatures featured during the dives that are not always easy to find on other dive sites around Bonaire or Klein Bonaire, for example a few Nurse Sharks have been seen and even a Hammer Head Shark (very rare indeed)! This 3 Tank Boat Dive Safari is a wonderful way to experience the Park, for those guests who have never been there, and also for those who have been there and wish to dive it again.  Make sure that the next time you visit Bonaire and Buddy Dive that you sign up for this newest adventure, it would be a shame to miss out on this experience!
Updated Flight Schedule Tiara Air
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 16:20

As from July 12th 2010 a new schedule will be effective regarding Tiara Air’s flight from Aruba to Bonaire and from Bonaire to Aruba.

9:10am – 10:00am - mo-we-fr
6:20pm – 7:10pm - mo-we-fr
7:10pm – 8:05pm - su

10:20am – 11:50am - mo-we-fr
7:30pm – 8:20pm - mo-we-fr
8:25pm – 9:20pm - su

We are very happy to see that this new schedule shows an increase of 3 flights per week; new evening flights are scheduled and the morning flights are scheduled earlier. The new schedule also has the advantage that it allows day trips and better connections to and from the US via Aruba on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and from the US on Sunday. Additionally it allows connections to and from Venezuela on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Please check for more information

Buddy Dive Freediving Event 2010
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 18:51

After several weeks of preparation at Buddy Dive Resort and in the Bonairian waters all the effort paid off! Patrick Musimu and Karol Meyer broke the record in the Tandem No Limit freediving discipline by diving without air to 121 meters (399 feet)!

“To all those who participated, followed, supported the BUDDY DIVE Freediving Event..., 1st challenge of the Triple Quest project, I have only 1 thing to say... WE DID IT! - 121m/399ft. More info later, I first need to go and eat” (Patrick Musimu)

This message was posted by Patrick on facebook right after he broke the record together with Karol right in front of Buddy’s house reef!

“The list of partners, friends and participants to thank is going to be long. I still have difficulty to realize how a simple dream can turn into such a project and end up taking such proportions. I will take the following days to debrief this tandem adventure and will for sure come back to you to share the trains ...of thoughts, reflections, ups and downs and challenges encountered while pursuing my first quest.

My thoughts go to Pipin Ferreras and his beloved Audrey Mestre. I would like to emphasize that we didn't beat anyone nor any number. Instead I have tried to highlight how difficult their path has been upon setting their record in 2001. And believe me it has been very challenging...Great respect.” (Patrick Musimu)

We would like to congratulate Patrick and Karol and thank them very much for making Buddy Dive Freediving Bonaire 2010 a great success!

Luckily the event is not over yet. Friday the official press meeting will take place followed by a commemoration party at our resort, and this Sunday a 3-day clinic will start in which Karol shares her passion for freediving with others. Last but not least, this Sunday at 18.15pm the last presentation will take place at The Poolbar.

Click here for more information about this event. For more pictures, please click here.

A New Recreational Feature on the Resort!
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 16:19

As you may have noticed or heard, the swimming pool in the middle of the resort (Buddy Dive side) has been replaced with a new recreational feature: A beach volleyball court!

Buddy’s management decided that 2 pools are enough since most of our guests are already underwater during the day. Guest comments frequently suggested that we should install a beach volleyball court, so we did. Already, the volleyball court is very popular. Each week, lots of employees from all departments are playing volleyball together with hotel guests several afternoons each week.

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