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Bonaire lovers Bas Goossen and Marianne Kuijper landed the 17th of October on Flamingo International Airport for a 3-weeks diving holiday on Bonaire. Everyday, they enjoyed the island, its beautiful nature, the friendliness of the Bonairian people, the great climate, and of course the diving! On a daily basis, Bas and Marianne explored several different dive sites, from Willemstoren to Lac Cai and many more. Each dive site is unique at the point of entry, but also the diving experience is unique as well. Especially the experience Bas and Marianne gained from their dive at Atlantis and everything that followed after that specific dive…

It was around 3.00 p.m., Bas and Marianne prepared themselves for their third dive that day. When they entered the water at Atlantis they noticed straight away that the current was pretty strong. Therefore they decided to make use of the current and make it a drift dive to the more southerly dive site Vista Blue. The dive started well with some interesting fish, which Marianne shot with her camera. They came to what was planned as the end of their dive when a turtle passed by. Of course Marianne wanted to shoot this amazing animal too. This picture would have definitely made the dive one not to forget but Marianne realized that her camera was gone… The d-ring to which the camera was attached was empty. Bas and Marianne were diving at around 8 meters (24 feet). They knew that their camera normally floated and they decided to ascend to the surface to look for their camera. After 20 minutes searching at the surface and just beneath it, they had to get out of the water because they were starting to run out of air. Quickly they took of their diving gear to search from shore hoping to see their camera floating somewhere. That day the wind was blowing gently from the west so they hoped that the camera would float towards the shore line. Slowly but surely, it was getting darker and darker, which unfortunately led to Bas and Marianne making the decision to go back to Buddy Dive Resort without their camera.

Back at Buddy Dive Resort, the dive staff, who were enjoying a drink at the Poolbar after a hard day of work, immediately saw that Bas and Marianne were not looking that happy. In a little bit of a bad mood, they told the dive staff the entire story. Very quickly some encouraging comments were made: “It’s very possible that the camera will be found, and of course, we will get it back to you”, but also less optimistic comments were made: “For sure, your camera is on its way to Venezuela!”
The next day, Bas and Marianne went to Buddy’s Digital Photoshop and told their story to John, Manager of the photo shop, and luckily they were able to rent a similar type of camera for the rest of their holiday.

A week after the camera incident, Bas and Marianne unfortunately had to go home again as their vacation came to its end. With the image of a lonely floating camera on its way to Venezuela in their mind, they were waiting at the airport to board the plane back to Amsterdam.

On the 16th of November, more than a week after arriving back home, Bas turned on his computer to check his email. To his surprise and amazement, he read the following email from Marcel Westerhoff, Buddy’s Marketing & Sales Manager, with the topic: “Found Camera”.

Dear Bas,

From the information that I got from John Wall, Manager at our Digital Photo Center, I understand you lost your underwater camera during one of your dives after which you decided to rent a camera at the photo shop. I have good news because your camera has been found and returned in good condition to Buddy Dive Resort. The person who found your camera recognized Buddy Dive by looking at your pictures and went to John Wall to return it.

Bas and Marianne looked at each other with unbelief in their eyes. This can’t be possible, it must be a mistake. Quickly they replied via email in which they carefully described the camera to prove it was theirs. In return, they got an email back with images of their camera and even a picture of the honest finders. Unbelievable!! Slowly the message came through: Their camera was found! Because Bas and Marianne also got the email address of the finders they send them a thank-you-email. This is how they came in contact with Paul and Kathy Clancey from Kathy’s Scuba Center in Virginia USA and heard their complete story. Paul and Kathy found the camera at Vista Blue on a depth of 11 meters (34 feet) on November 11th, 10 days after Bas and Marianne lost it. For some reason the camera did sink, which is unexplainable to Bas and Marianne because even today, the camera still floats.

After communicating with Marcel Westerhoff it was decided that Marcel would take the camera to Duikvaker, a dive show in Holland, to hand it over in person to Bas and Marianne. And so on February 7th the camera finally got back to its owner in a good condition.

Looking back at this story, we still think it’s remarkable! So many coincidences happened, and so many people were involved in this story to get the camera back to the Netherlands. This is so typical of people’s attitude on Bonaire! It is one of the reasons why we already planned a trip to return to Buddy Dive in October 2010. Special thanks to Paul and Kathy Clancey, Marcel Westerhoff, and John Wall for everything they did to return our camera,

Bas Goossen and Marianne Kuijper.
Friday, 12 February 2010 20:28



During their yearly visit at Buddy in September, Ned & Anna Deloach (FishID books) pointed out a very interesting project being executed by Ken Nedimyer, president of the Coral Restoration Foundation. Of course this successful project got Buddy’s attention and the initial contact was made during DEMA in Orlando last year. The meeting resulted in Buddy Dive inviting Ken Nedimyer for a visit to Bonaire to look for possibilities to adapt the program in Bonaire.


A little background information about the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF)

In 2007, Ken Nedimyer formed the Coral Restoration Foundation Inc, a non profit company focused on developing simple, effective, and inexpensive offshore coral nursery and coral restoration techniques that could be duplicated anywhere. Their offshore Staghorn coral nursery has grown from five corals that settled on his rock in 1996, to over 3500 corals in March of 2009, and expected to grow to over 7,000 corals by spring of 2010. In 2008 they planted over 200 nursery grown corals back onto the reef, currently about 600 nursery grown corals have been planted on the Florida reefs. In 2009, Ken received permits to start two offshore Elkhorn coral nurseries, the first of their kind in the U.S., and he and volunteer divers were busy setting it up this past year. 2010 will bring new and exciting challenges for CRF along with plenty of reef restoration, outreach, and volunteer programs. In the future Ken will expand the offshore nursery techniques with other corals.


During their stay at Buddy Dive Bonaire

In the week Ken Nedimyer was on Bonaire, Augusto Montbrun, our Dive operations manager took Ken and his family diving and showed him the current situation. Although the Bonaire deeper reefs are still one of the best in the world, Ken definitely came to conclusion that his Coral Restoration project could make a big difference, especially on the shallow reefs. The current technique has proven itself for several years already in the Florida Keys and will help the shallow reefs in Bonaire recover more quickly. After thorough investigation and meetings with the stakeholders it appears that everybody agrees that this unique program should start as soon as possible.  Currently, Ken Nedimyer and Buddy Dive are now waiting for the final ok to start the first pilot nurseries on Bonaire!


Ken Nedimyer: “Bonaire definitely has great potential to adapt our program and we are looking forward to working on this project together so we can preserve and rebuild one of the finest reefs in the Caribbean”


Augusto Montbrun: “It is with great pride that we announce the birth of “The Buddy Dive Coral Restoration Program”. Together with CRF we will start to work on strengthening our coral reefs. It is expected that soon after the first setup many others will follow us and join the Coral Restoration program.”


For more information please visit & 


To be continued……

Thursday, 07 January 2010 19:13
Whether you took a beautiful photo during one of your dives of a seahorse hiding in the coral, or took a picture of an Iguana eating a tomato, enter our Buddy Dive Photo Contest and win some great prices! Even a picture on a sunny afternoon of our enjoyable Poolbar, or a photo of a local fisherman unloading his catch of the day can be hanging on one of our walls next year! Send/upload your most beautiful photo(s) to

-    Buddy Dive Resort – Any pictures taken on our resort old or new.
-    Bonaire Underwater – Underwater pictures taken around (Klein) Bonaire
-    Bonaire Nature – Pictures showing the beautiful nature of Bonaire
-    Bonaire Culture – Any cultural pictures taken on Bonaire

The 77 most stunning pictures will be printed on canvas and hung in every renovated unit with the name of the photographer on it. The most beautiful picture in every category will win the following prize:

One week diving for free for one person* (6 days unlimited shore diving, air and nitrox, and 6 boat dives)

The most beautiful picture overall wins:

Drive & Dive package for a whole week for two persons*

The winners will be announced and honored during our 30 Years Anniversary Party on …. If you are unable to celebrate your holiday at our resort this date, do not worry; we will announce the winners personally via email and in our Buddy Dive Newsflash.

You have time till August 1st 2010 to send/upload your photo(s), so plenty of time to shoot a fabulous picture! In order to have the pictures printed properly, we only accept high resolution pictures (min. 3 mega pixel).

Already have a good shot? Send it now!

*Prizes can only be collected when staying at Buddy Dive Resort during low season and are based on availability. Buddy Dive Resort has the right to use all pictures, for any purpose, which are sent to photo.contest(at)
Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:55

For the second consecutive year Buddy Dive Resort is proud to organize and host the Buddy Dive Freediving Event Bonaire. Last year Karol Meyer broke the South American record on Bonaire by reaching a depth of 93 meters/305ft, with the help of her coach and friend Patrick Musimu.

In May 2010 Buddy Dive welcomes Karol and Patrick again as their guests to set new records including a World Record in the Tandem No Limit category! Eager to share their passion for freediving among others, Karol and Patrick will give some presentations, and will organize a clinic.

To celebrate this event we give 50% discount on your total food bill (max. $75 p.p.) and an additional “Wild Side” 2-tank boat dive with East Coast Divers for free if you book Buddy’s Drive & Dive Package in the period May 22 - June 5, 2010.

For more information contact our reservations department:

reservations(at) | 1-866-GO-BUDDY | (+599) 717 5080 ext. 523 | facebook

Bonaire East Coast Diving is the only specialized diving operation on the famous East Coast of Bonaire and we're happy to take you there for a different - better! - diving experience. Expect to see all the exciting creatures you will not see on the other dive sites, like Spotted Eagle Rays, Sharks, Green Moray Eels and lots of turtles. And do not forget to take a good look at the pristine coral formations that cannot be found anywhere else on Bonaire!

For more information contact their reservations department:

599 717 5211) |

*For new bookings only. The food discount can not be used at the Lions Den restaurant. Specials can not be combined with other specials & certain restrictions may apply.
Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:31

On December 24th 2009 Buddy Dive’s new boat arrived at Buddy’s dock! Both guest and personnel were very exited to see the first glimpse of the custom designed yacht cat boat on the horizon next to Klein Bonaire.

The new boat is completely innovative and new to the scuba diving industry. This motor cat boat has room for 24 divers on a 3-tank dive. It has everything on board that a diver needs like rinse buckets, a camera table, a sundeck, a shaded area, and an easy entry platform for both going in and out of the water. After your dive, you can enjoy the sun and stunning views from a comfortable seat on the fly-bridge. With this new boat Buddy Dive Resort will be the first and only resort on Bonaire that is going to offer a 3-tank boat dive trip to the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

The price for the trip is only $120 per person and includes a lunch. There will be a limited number of trips available, so sign up now by contacting our Reservations Department!

reservations(at) | 1-866-GO-BUDDY | (+599) 717 5080 ext. 523

The minimum amount of divers is 6 and the maximum 24. Non-divers can join the trip based upon availability.



Possible dive sites that can be dived during the trip are: Boca Bartol, Playa Bengi, Playa Funchi, Bise Morto, Wayaca, and Boca Slagbaai.

Boca Bartol
This is the northernmost dive site on Bonaire. A good place to look for the larger fish species. The shallows offer large, unusual coral formations, and the sandy bottom provides a habitat for rays and garden eels. Depth 20-80 feet (15-20 meters).

Playa Bengi
The experienced diver will be rewarded with some of the most pristine coral found on Bonaire. This site is also home to many larger fish species. Depth 15-100 feet (5-30 meters).

Playa Funchi
At depths of 15-100 feet (5-30 meters), horse-eye jacks can be seen out in the pristine blue water. The shallows are loaded with many of the smaller species that approach divers and snorkelers looking for a handout.

Bise Morto
The name means “dead deer”. Deep-water pelagics such as whale sharks, manta rays and even spouting humpback whales have been spotted here. Depth 20-100 feet (7-30 meters).


Wayaca offers divers a new site where very little diving has been done in the past. Many times, dive sites in this area are visited by larger species of animals, so keep your eyes on the blue when you dive this site, and you might be lucky. Depth 30-100 feet (10-30 meters).

Boca Slagbaai
With depths of 20-100 feet, you may have a chance to see mantas or other smaller rays. This site is known for its moderate to strong currents and is recommended for intermediate to experienceddivers.

Taylor Made
This site is considered to have a very pristine reef that drops from 15ft to depths beyond limits. Divers will be surrounded by very ancient coral heads and lots of fish. Its main attraction is the beautiful unspoiled coral formations.

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