car rental new arrival Bonaire Buddy Dive Resort

Buddy Dive is upgrading and extending its vehicle fleet!

The total vehicle rental fleet at Buddy Dive is close to a 100 vehicles, also, providing our guests with comfort and the flexibility to dive and explore the island at their own pace. The Buddy Dive vehicle fleet provides a variety of vehicles to hire; from a mix of Nissan and Grand Tiger single & double cabin pickup trucks, spacious vans, and since about a year 8 brand new Nissan pickup trucks.

The newest addition to the vehicle fleet are 4 new Renault pickup trucks, with 2 more on their way to Bonaire.

At Buddy Dive we constantly renew our fleet to accommodate our guests’ shifting needs and to offer all of our guests the best service possible. What drives us is to deliver our guests with the best driving experience.

Not everyone should expect to receive one of the newly arrived vehicles, but who knows, it might be your lucky day! Although our guests can always count on having a decent vehicle and an excellent customer service while renting with us.

Don’t forget; the newly arrived vehicles are included in the Drive & Dive package.

Our Drive & Dive package caters to all diver´s needs, no matter how long you have been diving and your certification level.

Click here for more info about our Drive & Dive package

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