Are you an avid shore diver and wish to step it up a notch, or simply need an experienced Dive Master that can actively assist in gear preparation, shore entry techniques and yes, point out some neat critters?

At Buddy Dive we offer private dive guide services. Whether it is day or night, we offer a private dive guide to join you. The private dive guide service can be tailored to your experience, comfort level and other wishes.

The private dive guide service offers you flexible schedules and can be booked for just you and your buddy or for the whole family and helps you getting the most out of your dive holiday.

Bonaire has unique conditions for shore diving; calm seas and overall easy access. We have selected a few dive sites which are ideal to dive with your private dive guide; either because the sea entry is a little more tricky or because the site offers some unique underwater features.

Your private dive guide is more than happy to show you our beautiful underwater world.

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An additional charge may apply for specific dive sites.

Contact us for more information & booking your private dive guide!

We are the world’s shore diving wonderland!