Bonaire TeK 2019

October 5 – October 11 2019
Are you interested in becoming a safer diver and a better dive buddy? Would you like to try the latest equipment on the market? Maybe even learn something new and become a Tech Diver? This year in October Buddy Dive Resort will team up once again with Buddy Dive Tek for an exciting week of technical dive demonstrations, presentations and training. We promise that this event will be inspirational, challenging and fun for non-technical divers and technical divers alike. This year we spoil all the ladies with our ‘Ladies First’ edition! There will boats fully dedicated to our tec ladies, special guest speakers and socials, to celebrate women in technical diving!
Buddy Dive Resort is totally geared up for you to make the most of your tech diving vacation. With a fleet of 5 custom dive boats and a well stocked ‘Drive Thru’ offering air/nitrox tanks, every divers needs can be satisfied. Additionally new tech diving related equipment, materials and fills will be available during the event. For divers that have not experienced Rebreather or Sidemount diving, free demos will be held and educational sessions by leading dive professionals will also be conducted throughout the week.

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