2 Weeks of Kids Sea Camp fun in 2019!

Kids Sea Camp weeks are fun for the whole family! The program offers a week of combined fun and educational dive events for kids, balancing equal time for relaxation and private time with their parents. The result is a complete program designed to give parents a memorable family dive vacation and their children an experience of a lifetime, meeting other kids from around the world, learning to dive, as well as building a bond with the underwater world. Those young people who learn this at an early age also learn to love and protect our oceans, ensuring the future of the reefs for years to come.

The Kids Sea Camps 2019 at Buddy Dive Resort will take place from:
–    July 13th – July 26th, 2019

The kids can participate in a large variety of courses, whether they are just starting the dive experience using the SASY gear or are advanced junior divers, everything is possible! Courses are given in small groups, together with other kids and a Buddy Dive Instructor. By the end of the week all kids will be honored in the certification ceremony.

Besides the kids diving, the program includes a sunset cruise with the whole family, live entertainment, land tours and there are 3 dive package options for adults. Adults are off course also more than welcome to participate in any dive (specialty) course!

The Kids Sea Camp weeks include: SASY, SEAL, JOW, AOW, Rescue, coral restoration.

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