Flavia’s Story

Where did you learn how to dive? And when?

I learned how to Dive in Argentina 9 years ago. We have lots of lakes, quarries and of course the cold and green Argentinean Sea!

When/why did your first interest in tech diving arise?
I started  looking at different equipment configurations from  colleagues at work. Long hoses, doubles tanks, stages etc.  And I was wondering… why do they use all that? What’s the difference? What is it for?

Tech diving at the beginning was not ringing in my head, until Lars Bosman, one of our Course Directors, took me to the real heart of the Hilma Hooker.  I must say, that was one of the best experiences I ever had in wreck diving!!! (until we found a Green Morey Eel hidden inside…..)

What will be your next step towards becoming a tech diver?
I am planning to do the Tech Pass of GUE using doubles back mount, and also to become a side mount diver. To me, these are the most important baby steps in the Tech World, I think.

What calls my attention are wrecks, caverns and caves! As you can see, I have a long road with a lot of training in front of me.

Where do you want to go with tech diving?
I have a long list… let’s start with Bonaire of course. Mexico definitely has my attention. And a dream come true would be Truk Lagoon in Micronesia.

Let’s  see what the universe wants to show me!

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