Welcome to Ingridients, welcome to our home

Since we first envisioned “Ingridients” we wanted it to be different, to be far from clichés and common places, we wanted it to be unique and personal, like us, like you.

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The Van der Valk family on Bonaire has been in the tourism industry for decades; and in that time we’ve had the chance of visiting hundreds of restaurants, but only a handful of them did earn a place in our minds and hearts.

Our food is based on the Mediterranean cuisine and uses the basic principles of the French, Spanish and Italian cuisine.

Next to that we use our local produce and serve all this next to the magical blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. We wanted to create a space of comfort and luxury, of fresh elegance; a place for you to dine different.

We tried to put our personal experience in everything, from the food, the decoration, and yes, the name. Hopefully we’ll earn a place in your good memories.

That’s it, this is us, this is Ingridients, this is our home, please let it be your home as well. Enjoy!

Ingridients Restaurant Bonaire
Ingrid van der Valk